6 Apps To Help Manage Mental Health

6 Apps To Help Manage Mental Health

APPlicable Mental Wellness!

Mental wellness is crucial for every human being to work on. Staying in tune with your mental wellness is incredibly beneficial to your daily functioning and mood. You do not have to feel like you are struggling to work on your mental health. Most of us have our smartphones on us for most of the day and they can be used as a great tool to help us with our mental health, whether you need a quick meditation break at lunchtime or want to slow your brain down before bed, there is something for everyone. Through research, word of mouth, and personal experience, I have developed a list of some of the best apps available on the app store that can exercise your mental wellness on a daily basis…. And no, Netflix is not one of them!!

1. Breethe - Meditation and Sleep


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What: Holds a wide variety of content to soothe your soul and help you get a restful sleep through music playlists, nature sounds, guided meditations, inspirational talks, bedtime readings, hypnotherapy sessions and more.

Why: To bring more happiness and peace of mind to your life whether you are struggling with stress and anxiety, insomnia, trying to lose weight, strengthen relationships or improve your overall mental health.

2. DMinder

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What: Recommended by my co-blogger’s doctor, this app informs you, based on where you live,  the best times to be outside for vitamin D intake. It provides you with UV ratings,  time frames for healthy exposure, and how much vitamin D you will take in during that time period. 

Why: The sun is the most efficient (and natural) way to get vitamin D, and Vitamin D makes a happy brain! Lacking vitamin D is actually directly linked to various health problems, including mood disorders and depression. 

P.s. This app is also on our top apps to help motivate you to get outside! What better reason to get outside than your health?

3. Pacifica - for Stress & Anxiety

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What: Psychologist designed tools to address and work on issues related to stress and anxiety through cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation techniques, meditation and mood/ health tracking. Day-by-day tools and techniques to help manage stress, anxiety and depression focusing on real progress.

Why: Helps end the cycle of negative thoughts that lead to stress and anxiety and improve your overall health and well-being one day at a time.

4. Inkflow Visual Notebook

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What: To express yourself in a creative and fun way. It is a note-taking and brainstorming app that allows for you to develop, create, and share your ideas through drawing, writing and colouring.

Why: Get your creative juices flowing and give your mind a break from school or work, or any other factors that may be causing you stress or negative thoughts. Journaling is a very positive way for us work on reflection and jot down our ideas and this app makes it even more fun!

5. Self Checkout

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What: An app that monitors how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis in an effort to improve overall well-being. Checking in with your daily activities including your mood, mood triggers, location, steps and more. Self Checkout also supplies access to mental health resources.

Why: It gives you a space to learn about yourself and give you the information and tools you need in order to take better care of yourself or make a change in your life if necessary.

6. Lean on Me - Mental Wellness

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What: Chat with professional counsellors when you are experiencing overwhelming challenges or are going through a tough time. Lean on Me counsellors can provide some techniques to manage negative thought patterns, help understand one’s self and work through their feelings, create a positive atmosphere and take the steps forward for a change.

Why: For times when it feels like challenges and tough times cannot be handled alone. Lean on Me is there as someone to talk to, to provide positive feedback and to help individuals overcome these hard times in an understanding and helpful way.

It is my hope that at least one of these apps will impact you in a positive way, like some of them have for myself and my friends/family, even if it’s for just one day or even one hour! The road to strengthening our mental wellness is long, winding, and constantly full of ups and downs, but if we put some time in to working on it and on ourselves as a whole, we will discover the endless valuable benefits.

Stay stoked!

– Ang

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