6 Apps To Motivate You to Get Outside

5 Apps To Motivate You to Get Outside

Whether you like it or not, technology is at the forefront of modern day life. People are constantly connected, especially through mobile phones and devices. Although disconnecting is something we aim to promote, we think there are benefits to being connected with technology too! So, ironically, we have compiled a list of some awesome apps that are sure to motivate you to get outside! 

1. Strava

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 Strava is a running and cycling GPS tracking app that allows you to not only track your distance and improvement in time, but you can compete against friends and fellow runners and cyclists in the city. Certain hills and routes have top times you can try to beat. If you want, you can install additional packs through your app for additional statistics and safer routes. 

2. Meetup

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Meetups hosted by locals for locals. Ever wanted to play a game of hockey but couldn’t get enough people to play? Or wished you had a running group to keep you motivated? Well, guess what? MeetUp is the solution just for this. Pick any meetup category of your liking (and yes, outdoors & adventure is one of them!), connect and meetup with locals who are looking to do the same thing as you!

3. All Trails

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AllTrails is an app designed for hikers, bikers and runners. Enter your location, or desired location, and explore numerous surrounding trails and routes! Read various information, including reviews about these trails to help you decide your next route! As a bonus, the app is equipped with detailed maps to give you a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into. We must say, however, that we don’t advise relying on these maps in the backcountry. Accuracy and phone power are the first 2 reasons that come to mind… and we think that’s enough said! Topographical maps are highly and always recommended in lieu.

4. Geocaching

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“Join the World’s Largest Treasure Hunt”. Geocaching is virtually an outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates to zero in on hidden “prizes”. Once you find a prize, you sign the logbook (provided with the prize) and hide it back where you found it for the next Geocacher to find. This app is the best way to join in on the fun – plus you get to share your experience and contribute a personal review for each search you complete. 

5. iNaturalist

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An app designed to help you connect with and learn about nature! Get involved with a community of scientists, naturalists and fellow nature seekers who are dedicated to discovering and sharing nature around them. Report and track your findings to help promote more awareness about the conservation of nature. Just a heads up- it’s currently only available for iPhones and apple users. Fingers crossed another software version launches in the future!

6. DMinder

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Okay, so you may have seen that we posted this app on our list of top apps for mental health too, but we truly couldn’t decide which list it fits best on!  Vitamin D intake is crucial for a healthy mind, so, what more motivation do you need to get outside? Download this app to effectively monitor when it’s best for you to be outside for vitamin D consumption! It provides you with UV ratings,  time frames for healthy exposure, and how much vitamin D you will take in during that time period. 

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