10 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

8 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Studies have shown that connecting with nature has been linked to various health benefits. Although getting outside is the best way to truly connect with nature, it’s not the only way! First of all, sometimes commitments make it impossible to get outside as much as we’d like (uh hum – work). Secondly, even if you’re not too strapped to get outside, why stop soaking in the benefits of connecting with nature? Spruce up your office, bedroom and home with nature inspired or even sourced items to keep the happy emotions running!

1. Potted Plants & Trees


Photo by Growing Spaces


Photo by Ivy Muse

Is it just us or do plants automatically liven up a room? Besides adding a soothing ambiance to any room, potted plants and trees are an efficient way to improve the quality of air in your home. There’s truly nothing like fresh air!

2. Hang Up or Display Nature Photos - Especially Your Own!

Photo by Briana H

Hanging up framed photos of nature is another efficient way to connect with nature at home. If you frame one of your own, even better! What a lovely way to remember a time that was so uplifting and empowering!

3. Up the Natural Light

Beyond natural light being, well, natural, it’s said to be a great way to intake more vitamin D, improve sleep, boost mood, as well as productivity. That’s a quintuple win in our books!

4. Botanical and Flower Art

Photo by Oxeye Floral Co

Botanical and flower artwork is so beautiful and creative! Have you ever heard of Oxeye Floral Co? If not, you should check them out! Oxeye is a local company who creates magnificent art work and hard goods from pressed flowers. You can purchase some of her artwork in stock or you can work with them to customize your own. P.s. You can even bring in your own bouquet to get pressed and made into art.

5. Incorporate More Nature Themed Decor

Photo by Ideal Home

Photo by Pop Sugar

Decorating your home with nature can go way above bringing in plants and flowers. Other nature inspired items, such as wood, stones and sand are great alternatives to bring in some elegance and style!

6. Wall Art

Photo by Etsy

Photo by HGTV

Whether it be a moss or plant wall, an epic mural, or even wallpaper, wall art is an awesome way to bring a big sense of nature in! 

7. Breathe It In

Photo by BC Living

A different way to treat your senses to the outdoors! Saje is a Canadian company devoted to producing natural, plant derived products that are both ethical and sustainable . One of their best products is definitely their oil diffusers. Even better: their natural oils are therapeutic and they even have nature inspired oil blends. Mountain High, Rain Forest and Bloom are some of my  personal favourites. 

8. Listen Up: Nature sounds

Photo by New Music Box

Why stop at sense, sight and smell? Connect your sense of hearing to nature by playing nature inspired music at your home or office. Ocean sounds, bird calling, wind, and rain are merely a few examples. Not sure where to start listening? This Youtube Channel by Johnnie Lawson is a good start!

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