Upper Kananaskis Lake: A Winter Gem

Upper Kananaskis Lake: A Winter Gem The epic hikes off of Highway 40 just West of Calgary are familiar to many outdoor enthusiasts. In the summer, this area of Kananaskis booms with eager hikers – but winter brings a special kind of magic to this place. At the very end of the skinny, winding “Kananaskis Lakes … Read moreUpper Kananaskis Lake: A Winter Gem

Basics of Yoga History

Basics of Yoga History The Meaning Behind Yoga Yoga essentially means uniting or “yoking of the mind”. The physical part of yoga was developed as a vehicle for meditation. It was designed to prepare the body, particularly the nervous system, for stillness, creating the necessary physical strength and stamina that allows the mind to remain … Read moreBasics of Yoga History