2019 Bucketlist and Goals

Our Bucketlist Adventures and Goals for 2019

Just a fair warning: we are addicted to adventure so this list is bound to keep growing throughout the year… 

  1. Go mountain biking in Squamish
  2. Go sea kayaking in Tofino
  3. Go canoeing down the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories
  4. Get certified in Wilderness First Aid 
  5. Go ice fishing
  6. Go on a solo backpacking trip
  7. Build a an indoor herb garden 
  8. Go winter backcountry camping
  9.  Go surfing in Tofino
  10.  Go white water rafting in Golden, BC
  11. Visit the wolves at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary
  12. Hike and stay overnight at the Bill Putman Hut in the Selkirk Mountains
  13.  Kayak or Canoe to Spirit Island in Jasper
  14. Go geocaching and successful retrieve some “caches”
  15.  Visit Haida Gwaii
  16.  Successfully grow a vegetable garden
  17. Catch a fish and cook up a fresh dinner!
  18.  Cycle the Legacy Trail
  19. Learn how to body belay in climbing 
  20. Learn how to river surf
  21. Backcountry camp at Top of the World Provincial Park 
  22. Hike Crypt Lake Trail

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