Stepping Into 2019

Stepping Into 2019 on the Right Foot

New year… new slate… you know the old tradition! 

New Year’s resolutions are perfect for setting goals and intentions to become a better and stronger version of yourself. Just make sure that your goals are realistic and remember that it’s okay to slip up! Learn and grow from your mistakes and be proud of the achievements you make along the way!


Our Resolutions for 2019:

Stop procrastinating and start prioritizing

I cannot tell you how many unnecessary caffeine marathons I’ve had in the middle of the night, trying to pull together assignments I’ve had more than enough time to prepare for. Procrastination is a horrible thing to do to yourself. When left unchecked, it can spill over into other aspects of your life.

For myself, I sometimes become paralyzed by seemingly large tasks, and let my avoidance behaviours take over. My house may be sparkling clean, but that exam I should be studying for is now in 11 hours and I have zero groceries in my fridge.

There are many reasons we procrastinate; but with a little more organization, focus and discipline, we can avoid becoming our own worst enemy.

How this can be accomplished: (Click on each method to read more info!)

To-do lists are awesome, and the beautiful thing is that you can customize the layout in the ways that work for you. 
I’m someone who needs deadlines for motivation, so I always like to include a general timeline for when I get my daily tasks done.
A new method I am aiming to try is the Eisenhower Matrix. It’s a simple framework of organizing your tasks so that you are working on the right things, rather than just anything.

Courtesy of James Clear

First, make a list of all your tasks, then categorize them according to:
1) Importance and 2) Urgency.

The Urgent and Important should be completed first, then you can tackle the Urgent but not Important – delegating everything that you can.
Then comes the Important but not Urgent – exercise, getting outside, spending time with family, etc. 
Everything that is unimportant and not urgent doesn’t even need to be on your radar – eliminate it!

– Blare

There is an unpleasant weight in saying, “I have to do this” or “I need to do this”, when speaking about your tasks. It can make you feel like a slave to your to-do list, making you more prone to fight against it or just feel bitter about getting it done. When you cross things off your list, it better feel GOOD! Changing my vocabulary simple to “I am doing this” implies that I am choosing to do this, which is much more motivating and empowering.
A simple trick, but it does change the game.

Oh, social media. The largest black hole of my day.
I would be embarrassed to admit how many hours I’ve let dissolve into thin air under the incessant scrolling of my thumb.

Thankfully, there is actually an awesome thing thing about the ios update: the “Screen Time” function:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ios12-screen-time_06042018-412x480.jpg

You can actually witness not only how much time you spend on your phone, but also break it down into your allotted time for all of your apps. 
This gives you a good awareness on how much time you are wasting on your phone! (It’s often more than we realize). 

Prioritize personal health.

Above prioritizing in general, making personal health an actual priority is another big one. Maybe we’re just speaking for ourselves, but with how busy life seems to be, taking care our personal health easily gets pushed aside for other commitments.

Various ways to prioritize personal health

Get involved with an activity that you love and start dedicating time to it each week! Register for a class or simply block off personal time at home to do this activity. Don’t book or commit to anything else during this dedicated time: this time is so important for your well-being!

The happy and healthy benefits associated with getting outside and connecting with nature are too good to justify staying inside. That being said, getting outdoors doesn’t mean you have to make a far trip! Outdoor city parks and spaces will easily do the trick!

Furthermore, sometimes our lifestyles, commitments and others factors can make it more challenging to get outside. If that’s the case, (or if you simply just want more!) take advantage of raking in the benefits of the outdoors by bringing the outdoors into your home and work space!

(Visit our blog post on Bringing the Outdoors Indoors for more ideas!)

2018 was a crazy year for change… at least for me! Being so busy and having so many changes has left me feeling super disconnected from myself. When I have a strong mind, body and spirit connection, I feel more confident and clear minded about my thoughts and actions and take much better care of my body.

How I plan to restore my mind, body and spirit connection:

Yoga, yoga, yoga.

The practice of yoga has been such a blessing and method of healing in my life, and although I’ve fallen out of practice this past year, I am determined to get back at it!

Connect with Nature

Nature has an inexplicable way of boosting one’s mind, body and spirit connection. Although civilization has caused humans to drift further and further from their natural roots over the years, getting back in touch with nature will undeniably help you reflect and challenge yourself, ultimately reconnecting your mind, body and spirit.

Solo Time

Although socializing and surrounding yourself with supportive people is important for your well-being, spending quality time with yourself is also important! Spending time with yourself allows you to focus purely on yourself, your goals and desires, but even more importantly, it increases your self-awareness!

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it incredibly difficult to relax; my thoughts and to do lists are always running through my mind causing me to worry and get restless. Plus, now a days, I feel overwhelmed with the constant flow of information always coming my way. Text messages, emails, news updates, social media notifications… all of it. Everything is coming at me so fast, and my response is expected just as quickly. To top it off, my to do list never seems to stop growing… I’m getting flustered writing this just thinking about what I have to do…ugh… but I’m sure I’m not alone in this!

 This is where relaxing steps up to the plate. Beyond helping you become emotionally strong and stable, relaxing actually makes you more productive as well… so we best get to it!

Ways to relax, slow down and de-stress:

  • Practice yoga and/or meditate
  • Unplug: Stop the constant flow of information!
  • Read a book before bed instead of checking instagram or Facebook!
  • Exercise: Burn off the steam!
  • Go for more walks: physically slow down
  • Connect with nature: serious de-stresser!

Instead of meeting up at the pub or going out for dinner, suggest something active like trying a new workout class, going for a bike ride or grabbing a coffee and going for a walk! (Bonus points if the activity is outdoors!)


Have fun & do more of what we love.

Quit taking life so seriously! Cut yourself some slack and let loose! Positivism and happiness makes life more enjoyable, care-free and at helps keep you at ease. So, we want to spend more of our time having fun and doing what we love! Switch out some of your less important tasks and chores with whatever makes you happy! 

How we plan to accomplish this

Planning is the first step to making things happen. Without planning ahead, various unexpected obstacles are sure to get in the way of you and your fun! Set a date ahead of time to go ensure other commitments don’t get in the way!

It’s fun and motivating to make a bucketlist of your goals for the year! Not only does it get you excited and motivated to get out there and actually do it but having a list helps keep you accountable! (Plus crossing it off is oh so satisfying!)

Looking for inspiration? Check out our adventure and goal bucketlist for 2019!

Be more attentive to and reduce our impact on the environment.

We want to take on new habits to help take better care of the planet… 

Ways we plan to reduce our impact on the environment:

Okay so, especially in Calgary,  driving is sometimes unavoidable. The public transit system is still developing and actual city development keeps expanding further and further. That being said, Fish Creek Park and the Bow River Pathway are massive and offer ample opportunity for many people to commute to work via bike! 

Plus, although public transit currently takes longer than driving, perhaps look at it from a different perspective. Catching a ride on the bus or train allows you to spend your transportation time doing something enjoyable or productive like reading, catching up on work or emails and more! You can’t do that while you’re driving!

If eliminating driving from your daily commute is impossible, at least consider driving less for other tasks. (Walk to the grocery store, carpool, etc.)

                Our purchase decisions have a direct impact on supply and demand. If more ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly goods and services are being demanded for, the supply will inevitably follow! So, not only are we personally supporting and providing ourselves with healthier product, but consumer decisions to shop sustainably is actually motivating businesses to become more sustainable themselves!

How we plan to make more earth-friendly purchase decisions:

  • Buy local product
  • Buy more natural products (we’re not just talking food here…  many fabrics, beauty products and various other items are made with harmful and toxic synthetic materials – so purchase wisely!)
  • Do research on the products and companies we are purchasing from
  • Minimalize & buy less. Only buy what is a true need and avoid impulse purchases
  • Shop second hand

Without going on a tangent, there are numerous reasons as to why the meat and dairy industry is so damaging and unsustainable for the planet. Beyond deforestation, pollution, as well as water and energy waste, the industry actually wastes a lot of its product and treats the livestock unethically. (Which contributes to a whole different issue of contaminants and chemicals being used for production!)

That being said, to me, completely eliminating meat and dairy as food sources is not only unrealistic but boasts various other issues including human health. Humans are designed to be meat eaters, but truthfully, people today eat WAY more meat and dairy than they need to. 

So, beyond reducing overall consumption of meat and dairy, make sure to purchase wisely! (Perhaps even learn how to ethically source your own meat through fishing and hunting!)

Hate to admit it, but it’s true: tourism negatively impacts the environment in numerous ways. How? In a nutshell, the increasing desire to travel is promoting more deforestation, mass development and excessive construction within delicate ecosystems. The increase in human traffic is also causing more pollutants through more litter and various greenhouse gas emissions (especially from air travel and ground transportation)

– Suggested by the Global Development Research Centre

Visit our Ecotourism page to see how we plan to be more sustainable travelers! (Sorry, this page is actually still under construction… but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!)

Gah. My stomach churns at the idea of how many resources are wasted each and every day. There are many ways and methods in which one can reduce how much is wasted. Here’s some to get the idea:

  • Be more water conscious: limit shower times and turn off the water when you brush your teeth. (A friend of mine also recycles the water she uses to wash her produce by also watering house plants with it!)
  • Bags. Stop using so many of them! Above using reusable grocery bags, bring reusable bags for produce (or simply go without one!), and pack lunches in reusable containers instead of plastic baggies, tin foil and/or saran wrap. 
  • Stop using disposable water bottles and cups. Carry a reusable water bottle with you (good way to get your daily h2O anyways!). Go a step further and get your morning coffee in your own thermos instead of using a disposable one! (FYI: Many coffee places give you a discount for doing so as well!) 
  • Donate old clothes and items; shop second hand!
  • Switch out disposable razors for reusable ones!
  • Ladies, consider better alternatives for the time of the month. OB tampons use less plastics than other brands, but an even better option is something like the Diva cup. 
  • Food… Did you know that roughly 1/3 of food produced for human consumption gets completely wasted? That stat doesn’t even seem to consider how much is wasted once it leaves the store shelves… So buy only what you need, eat what you buy and eat leftovers. Remember that best before dates don’t necessarily mean that that food is no longer safe to consume… it’s just not it’s best. (Talk about a good marketing strategy!)

Be more kind to myself and those around me.

Because the world could always use a little more love!

We don’t think this one needs explaining as to why it’s a good resolution. So let’s get to it! This is how we plan to be kinder to ourselves and others:

  • Invest quality time into self and others. Take time to express the appreciation you have of yourself and the people you surround yourself with.
  • Be more compassionate and learn to forgive (we all mess up sometimes!)
  • Instead of blaming and fighting, be supportive and positive: strive to provide progressive solutions instead of focusing on past decisions and mishaps. 
  • Always smile 🙂 It’s contagious!

Well, there you have it. 5 big resolutions for 2019.
Here's to a wonderful year ahead!

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