Training Your Monkey Mind

Training Your Monkey Mind Why meditate?… Why not? If you were to ask any highly ‘successful’ individual what is part of their daily regime, meditation would rank one of, if not the highest. Sheryl Crow, Russell Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Deepak Chopra, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney, Tony Robbins, Clint Eastwood, Katy Perry, Oprah, Elon … Read moreTraining Your Monkey Mind

How to Combat Ticks Naturally.

Naturally Preventing Tick Bites The warmth of spring undeniably brings happiness and excitement; it means you can finally go outside without a billion layers and, even more excitingly, summer adventures are finally in site. The warmth of spring, however, also wakes up some nasty friends to partake in the fun: ticks.   Ticks typically like to … Read moreHow to Combat Ticks Naturally.