Indoor Activities for the Outdoor Adventurer

 Ideas to keep in touch with your adventurous side when getting out isn’t an option. 

Make Energy or Protein Bars

Make some energy or protein bars. Use a base recipe for the bars and then add your own fixings! (Did someone say chocolate?) Below are links to base recipes we like to use from the Minimalist Baker (minimal ingredients for healthy and delicious baked goods? Yes please!):

Learn How to Tie a New Knot

pixabay // Moritz320

Challenge yourself by practicing or learning how to tie knots, bends and hitches. Start with the basics that are useful for a multitude of outdoor activities. 

Check out the website Animated Knots. It’s an awesome online platform for learning! You can easily look up tutorials by type or activity. (There’s an app too!)

Plan an Outing or Expedition

pexels // Filippo Peisino

Plan your next adventure! Whether you plan a day trip or a multi-day expedition, get your thinking cap on. What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? How can you prepare for this trip? At minimum, your plan will give you something to look forward to!

Read About the Wild

Use this extra reading time to learn more about nature’s playground or to get inspired for your next adventure. Would you like to live vicariously through an adventure memoir?  Or how about learning more about the plants you come across on the trails? The topics are endless!

Make a Dehydrated Meal

Get creative and make a meal, or even something simple such as jerky, for your next adventure! Check out our Dehydrating 101 page if you’re new to this. (We have a few recipes too!) You can dehydrate food with either an oven or a dehydrator. You can also pick up or order most ingredients from the bulk section at your local grocery store. 

Get in Touch With Your Gardening Side

Build some some herb planters (and grow herbs!)… heck, you’re already home so just go big and build an indoor garden! Feel free to check our Guide to Seed Starting Indoors. 

Organize or Create Your First Aid Kit

(Have an Adventure Buddy? Make a  Dog First Aid Kit too!)

Make sure your First Aid Kit is appropriate and fully equipped for your outdoor adventures! 

Pro tips: Keep note of what you use. It’s a good idea to make an “inventory list” so you can keep track of what needs to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to include a printed list of emergency and other service contact numbers inside your kit (such as local remote emergency services, park rangers, wildfire, wildlife and weather reporting etc.)

Camp in Your House (or Backyard)

image// REI

This is especially great for those with kids. Set up your tent or tarps in your living room and have a camp night at home in your sleeping bags! Take it to the next level and cook your favourite camp meals. 

Make Natural Tick & Bug Repellent

This tick repellent recipe is so easy to make and a great addition to your tick routine! It’s natural and is safe to use on skin, clothing, as well as on dogs.

 (Please note: Other precautions for ticks should still be practiced!)

Watch an Outdoor Adventure Film

images// IMDb

Need we say more?… Make some popcorn and trailmix and enjoy the show!

Get Crafty!

There’s lots of crafts and homemade body care products you can make that either come in handy for outdoor adventures or are simply fun for the outdoor enthusiast. Ideas include:

Plan to Register & Prep For an Outdoor Course or Certification

What kind of courses you ask? Courses such as:

      • Wilderness First Aid 
      • Avalanche Safety Training
      • Wilderness Survival 
      • Wildlife Awareness
      • Rope Rescue Training
      • Swift Water Safety and Rescue 
      • Ice Safety Awareness

For a list of some courses offered near Calgary, click here

(Registration for courses may or may not be on hold at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan to register!)

Make a 10 Essentials Box

Put together a box of the 10 essentials for outdoor pursuits. What are the 10 essentials? These are the core tools and equipment that the outdoor community has deemed necessary in every pack. Customize yours with any additional necessities you might need!…A communication device is a good one!

Get Artsy!

image // MyModernMet

If you’re an artist, you’re ahead of the game. If not, hop on pinterest and look up some inspiration on how to make nature themed art and decor. Bring some outdoor ambiance into your home! Some ideas include:

Make an Adventure Bucketlist

Is there a trail you’ve been wanting to explore? A sport you’ve been dying to try? Mark it down! Start with local adventures and work your way out. 

Train Your Body for Exploring

pexels // Daniel Reche

Keep active and train for your next outing. Do some cardio and strength training from the comfort of your home. Consider looking up workout videos for inspiration. (Take it outside or do it in naturally lit rooms if you can!)

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