Hi, I'm Ali!

I grew up in the city, but I’ve always been a country girl at heart. Being in nature is where I’ve always felt free. As a kid, you could always find me climbing trees – I absolutely loved the thrill of adventure. I don’t climb trees as often as I’d like to anymore, but the desire and passion for outdoor adventure still lives. I’m currently completing my diploma as a horticulture technologist but am also planning on getting certified as a yoga instructor. 

Why I’m excited to be on the Happiest Outside team:

I’m over the moon to share my passion for the outdoors and to deepen my connection and understanding of nature’s impact on wellbeing. I’m currently working on managing my anxieties and am excited to share how nature is helping me improve my mental health. I hope through sharing my experiences and connecting with the community that I can make a positive impact on others dealing with stress and anxiety. 

Certifications & Skills:

     Horticulture Technologist; Student

     Plant identification

Favourite place to distress:

     Rivers, lakes, waterfalls…any body of water! 

Favourite outdoor space in Calgary:

    Beaver Dam Flats & the Bow River

My adventure buddy:


My mental health story.

Through sharing our stories, we hope to end the stigma on mental health and to provide a sense of comfort to those who may be going through difficult times. Mental health effects us all and is something we should not be ashamed to speak about. 

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