Hi! I'm Blare.

I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach in a serious love affair with the wilderness.


I grew up near the mountains with an outdoorsy family – my childhood was filled with camping, hiking and biking excursions that spilled over into my adulthood.

Being outdoors is when I feel most myself. My healthiest. My most natural.
And throughout my life journey, I’ve noticed I am not the only one who feels this way!


My passion is to inspire people to get connected back to their roots
and to take it a step further by using food and nutrition as a tool to do so.
Food is what fuels our adventures, so it only makes sense that a healthy lifestyle is intimately connected with what we eat.
I am also very involved in the local food movement and teaching folks how to grow their own nourishment! I view it not only as a healthy choice but as a way to empower yourself as a consumer, and give back to the Earth instead of
damaging it.

Each time we plant a seed, and grow it responsibly, we minimize our environmental impact, and get beautiful, nutritious food in return. It’s a win-win!

I’m so excited to contribute this aspect to our Happiest Outside community, and hope that you can get inspired to infuse a little love into your meals everyday!

– Blare

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