Hi, I'm Briana!

Most people call me Bri. I was born and raised in Calgary and am currently a university student majoring in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. The outdoors is my absolute happy place. Being out in the fresh air relaxes my mind, allowing me to forget the anxieties and stresses in my life and to focus on the now. 

Hiking is currently my adventure of choice, but I would love to conquer my fears and get into climbing or mountain biking.  

Why I’m excited to be on the Happiest Outside team:

A couple of years ago, I really struggled with anxiety and depression. Getting outside was a key factor in helping me get back on track. I’m excited to provide opportunities for other people to connect with us and to be inspired to get outdoors. 

Certifications & Skills:

     40hour Wilderness First-Aid Certified

     Apprentice Hiking Guide Certified

     AST-1 (Avalanche Safety Training)

     Creating dehydrated meals & recipes

Favourite place to destress:

    Anywhere out in the mountains

Favourite outdoor space in Calgary:

     Carburn Park


My adventure buddy:


My mental health story.

Through sharing our stories, we hope to end the stigma on mental health and to provide a sense of comfort to those who may be going through difficult times. Mental health effects us all and is something we should not be ashamed to speak about. 

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