Hi! I'm Briana.

The travel bug gave me it’s first good bite in 2011 – my junior year of high school. Embarking on my first big journey, I found myself en route to Orleans, France to study abroad. That’s all it took… I was hooked on travel.

It truly became my obsession. I was always planning where I was going next. I’d even start planning my next trips before finishing the ones I was on! I couldn’t help it – the thrill and excitement of another adventure was truly addicting.

However, I hit an impassable road block: reality.

As wonderful it would be to keep travelling as much as I was, it unfortunately wasn’t and still isn’t realistic. At least not for me. (Besides the whole affordability factor, I have a home and family that I love!)

It was tough to accept the fact that my passion was something harder and harder to obtain as I grew older. Honestly, I felt lost – or more so unfulfilled.  But then one day…

DING – Lightbulb moment!  

I realized that I missed recognizing my actual passion:  adventure.

Don’t get me wrong, I jump at any and every travel opportunity I get (it’s my favourite form of adventure). But I’ve come to truly appreciate local adventure around me, and it’s been awesome!

 So, I am devoted to discovering and sharing obtainable adventures for fellow city slickers like me!! 

Ultimately, my goal is to motivate others to get out and get in touch with their adventurous side; however that may be!

Thanks for visiting! : )

– ßriana

Side note: I am also so excited to announce that I’ve officially (and finally!) started my degree in Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership at Mount Royal University! So, I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me, but I cannot wait for the adventures that await!

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