Hi, I'm Charlie!

I grew up in Cardston, a small town in southern Alberta. As you can imagine,  growing up in such a small town was challenging to keep entertained… so us kids took advantage of the outdoors! We we’re always out exploring and playing outside .

Although I’ve grown up and moved to the big city, I strive to keep my connection with the great outdoors. I can’t get enough of it! I currently have over 40 plants in my little apartment. 

Why I’m excited to be on the Happiest Outside team:

I am driven to share my experience and journey with mental health and the benefits I’ve experienced with nature. I want to help others find inner peace and happiness through building confidence in the outdoors.

Certifications & Skills:

     80hour Wilderness First-Aid Certified

     Interpretive Hiking Guide Training

Favourite expedition experience:

     Canoeing the Nahanni River, NWT

Favourite outdoor space in Calgary:

     Douglas Fir Trail in Edworthy Park

My favourite house plant:

String of Pearls

(Forbidden Peas as I like to call them)

My mental health story.

Through sharing our stories, we hope to end the stigma on mental health and to provide a sense of comfort to those who may be going through difficult times. Mental health effects us all and is something we should not be ashamed to speak about. 

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