Hi! I'm Sara!

Welcome to my first ever posted blog entry: a little bit about me!

“The more yoga you learn, the more you realize how little you truly know. Always stay humble to your practice”. 


The outdoors has always been a place for me that resembles balance – balance from feeling stale, to being revived. Hiking, biking, running, skiing, walking, snowshoeing, skating you name it, has always been part of my, so to speak, therapy.

As of December 1st, 2017 I accomplished a very significant goal to me personally. I pursued my passion and dedication to yoga to become a Registered Yoga Teacher!!!!!!!!

What yoga has taught me, and continuously teaches me is something I wish to share with EVERYONNNNNE! It is such a beautiful practice to aid and or enhance ANYBODY’S mind, body and soul connection.

I am so so so thrilled to be part of the Happiest Outside community and be able to contribute my experiences and lessons I’ve had throughout my personal journey. But even more so, I am eager to listen and learn from the community!

I invite you to reach out with any questions, comments and or have a chat anytime as we begin to develop our posts and soon TBA events.

Always, peace, love and light!
– Sara 

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