We’re a community of outdoor enthusiasts on a mission to improve mental health and wellness.

We’ve personally experienced the array of health benefits getting outdoors has on the mind, body and soul, and so we aim to inspire others to get  in touch with their outdoorsy side… however that may be! 



Since discovering my desire to live and breathe adventure, I have grown an uncontrollable passion for community and outdoor wellness.

Beyond the physical benefits of being active outdoors, I have come to truly appreciate the mental and psychological benefits that rest just beyond our front doors.


I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach in a serious love affair with the wilderness.

My passion is to inspire people to get connected back to their roots and to take it a step further by using food and nutrition as a tool to do so.



I grew up in Cardston, Alberta; a tiny town near one of the best (and one of my favourite!) places in the world: Waterton Lakes National Park.

Beyond sharing my passion for outdoor adventure, I am inspired to share my experience and journey with mental health and the benefits I’ve found in nature.


I am a certified Yoga Instructor with a drive to inspire others to get active.

Since completing my Yoga Certification Training in Costa Rica in 2017, I have been motivated to expand and share my knowledge with the health and wellness community.


I’m a nature-loving horticulture technician with a zealous for being outdoors.

 I love encouraging others to find new fun ways to appreciate and explore nature. Join me on my outdoor wellness journey and let’s get back to our roots by walking amongst roots!

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