About Us.

Our Story:

What started as a personal blog about nature based therapy for mental health, Happiest Outside has grown into an outdoor adventure hub for anyone looking to rejuvenate their health and well-being, or simply get outdoors more. 

Based in Calgary, AB, Canada, Happiest Outside shares experiences and hosts outdoor based events to provide others with opportunities to connect with nature for fulfillment and wellness. 

Our Values.


We strive to practice and educate others on how to be sustainable while exploring the great outdoors and the communities that surround them.


We believe in building and supporting our local communities. From connecting with individuals, to collaborating with businesses, supporting local is at our core.


We are dedicated to giving back to the places we are so grateful to explore. Proceeds from all of our events are donated to local initiatives, charities, and programs.

The Author.

Briana is a blogger and certified event planner who has an uncontrollable passion for outdoor wellness. 

She’s infatuated with nature’s impact on mental health and well-being. Her goal is to inspire others to get outside and connect with nature for a healthy and happy mind. 

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