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What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a newer and complex concept that is not so simple to define; it’s hard to pin point because, truthfully, tourism and travel directly challenges the possibility of being completely eco-friendly.

In our opinion, however, ecotourism is best described as nature based, low-impact travel that values and practices the conservation of environments and its people.

Why Does it Matter?

It’s important to recognize that tourism is getting more and more popular – people actually want to visit and explore more of the world. Unfortunately, however, many of the conventional methods of travelling harvest a lot of damage, such as:

1. Causing irreversible damage to ecosystems, environments and cultures

2. Negatively impacting the quality of life for locals

3. Degrading the traveler experience

These negative impacts are not to be taken lightly; results and consequences of these impacts have been seen across the globe (Read more on this on our post: Damage Caused by Tourism).  That being said, this is where ecotourism and sustainable travel come to save the day!


Did You Know?

Tourism is actually Canada’s largest service export! This is a fantastic revenue opportunity, however, if ethical and sustainable practices aren’t put in place, the raw and natural beauty of our country could suffer the consequences. 

Damage Caused by Tourism...

Unfortunately, tourism has festered and is able to continue to fester damage across the globe – even in the most pristine and remote locations. 

Becoming a More Sustainable Traveler

Although ecotourism is a positive solution to commercial mass tourism, it truly isn’t applicable or suitable for every destination or adventure. That being said, although ecotourism isn’t quite possible for everyone or every destination, travelling with the same values as ecotourism actually is. What values? Sustainability: efforts and practices that avoid the depletion of natural resources.

To preserve the authenticity and the mere survival of cultures and the environment , it is vital for travelers to be accountable and aware of their impact. 

How can you become a more sustainable and eco-friendly traveler? We’ve compiled some ideas just for that.

Locations & Destinations

Our adventures compiled and organized by location.

From adventures close to home in Calgary, AB, to international pursuits across the globe… we’ve loved it all! 

(and would love to share it with you!)

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