Fire Building Hike

Fire Building Hike

Crafting fire is an ancestral skill that is embedded within us.
Come join us on a daytime outing where we will practice our primitive fire-making skills,
gather in a talking circle and connect in the beautiful Elbow Valley. 



The Elbow Valley (~ 1 hr. drive) off Hwy 66 - Outside Bragg Creek


Sunday, October 20th, 2019 9:30 am - 3pm


Skill building & discussions around mental health are elements we want to bring to the outdoor community.


We gather at the meeting spot (TBD). 
Greetings, small intro, a little paperwork.

Hike along the river to find a fire-making spot.

Introduction to bow drill and primitive fire making.

Fire making begins!

See below 🙂

Fire is snuffed. We pack out what we packed in. Hike back to meeting spot.


What is a Talking Circle?

The circle is a dominant symbol in nature and represents the cycles of life. As we move into winter, it is a great time to reflect on our year and what we would like to carry forward into this long season ahead – and what we will leave behind.

The circle is a space for open communication. We will choose a topic, and a “talking stick” will be passed around. Whoever holds it has the floor to speak – the other members of the circle hold space and listen. 

Each member is treated with respect for what they have to say and nothing is repeated outside of the circle. The talk is complete when everyone has had a chance to speak. 


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