Guide to Seed Starting Indoors

Guide to Starting Seeds Indoors


Late Winter…

My old friend and nemesis. 

As we sit in the depths of these frosty Canadian months, I become more and more anxious to feel the sun on my bare skin again. To smell pollen and tree resins in the air… To watch the birds migrate back and watch the sun set at 9 pm… those were the days.

But instead of dreaming, I’m going to tune in for all the plant nerds out there and tell you guys to get started on some growing!

Our warm season is so short that often our edible plants barely hit their peak production before the frost creeps in, which is why starting plants indoors is a great way to maximize your harvest and also feel like a master botanist in your own home.

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Packing for Your Dog

Adventure Packing List for Your Dog

  • Food (and water!) Especially if your route does not have easily accessible water for your dog!
  • Food/water bowl (Light weight and collapsable are best!)
  • Extra smelly and yummy treats (in case you need to win over their attention!)
  • Leash (FYI: National parks REQUIRE all dogs to be on a leash – otherwise expect a hefty fine!)
  • Small quick drying towel. A towel can come in handy in so many different ways. Nothing worse than muddy paws jumping all over your tent! It’s also equally useful as a bed or for emergency situations with your pet!
  • Poop Bags
  • Doggie First Aid Kit (see suggested contents below!)
  • Favourite Small Toy (Not a necessity but definitely useful for a distraction when setting up and relaxing at camp!)
  • Winter Booties. A good idea even for the big dogs! Winter treks risk ice build up and tearing of their sensitive paw pads.


  • Sterile Rubber Gloves
  • Round-ended scissors
  • Non-adhesive sterile pads
  • Tweezers
  • Gauze
  • Wraps
  • Cornstarch or styptic powder (helps stop bleeding)
  • More treats! This is most likely an uncomfortable and scary time for your furry friend! Rewarding them while you manage and assist their situation will help keep them comfortable and calm!
  • Benadryl. For bites and other allergies.  (My vet told me that the rule of thumb is 1mg:1lbs body weight but please advise with your vet for proper dosage for your dog!)
  • Buffered Aspirin. For pain and inflammation. (Over the counter/human aspirin is said to be okay for dogs but dosage amounts vary greatly and can be fatal if overdosed: again, advise with your vet for proper dosage!)
  • Syringe of 3% hydrogen peroxide: induces vomiting. (Meant for serious emergency situations ONLY – one last time; please advise with your vet for dosage and usage information!
  • Pocket Sized First-Aid book for dogs. Great resource for when you’re caught on the spot!
  • Medical Records (mostly for travel as some places require documentation for entry!)

Must-do Outdoor Adventures in & Around San Francisco

Outdoor Adventures

- San Francisco & Bay Area -

I initially started this post with the words “I don’t know what it is about San Francisco, but I friggen love it there.” I then realized that this wasn’t true… I absolutely know why I love San Fran so much: it’s full of adventure, it’s incredibly beautiful, and the people there are awesome. I love how walkable  and lively the city is and, even though I’ve already visited a handful of times, there is always a new adventure waiting for me. The city is an adventure in itself, but the surrounding area offers even more. Below are some awesome outdoor adventures to check out when in SFO!

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Depression: A Response to Chronic Inflammation​

Depression: A Response to Chronic Inflammation

We’ve all been at the point where we have felt terrible, either physically or mentally. Sometimes, however, these sensations are so strong, motivation to get up and face the day is the last thing we feel capable of doing.  Although it’s known that getting out of bed to simply move the body and eat something nutritious will make us better, it still feels impossible. 

It is common knowledge that a person’s lifestyle can have a direct effect on their mental health; nobody would ever contest this claim… yet the conversation usually just stops there. We know that it is true, but if asked to explain how, we have little more to offer than something like, “Well, of course a healthy body would lead to a healthy mind.”

 If we cannot truly understand a claim, however, can we truly believe it?

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Upper Kananaskis Lake: A Winter Gem

Upper Kananaskis Lake: A Winter Gem

The epic hikes off of Highway 40 just West of Calgary are familiar to many outdoor enthusiasts. In the summer, this area of Kananaskis booms with eager hikers – but winter brings a special kind of magic to this place. 
At the very end of the skinny, winding “Kananaskis Lakes Trail” lies an epicentre of snowy adventures.

Here’s how to spend a winter’s weekend at this oasis…

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