Sara’s Journey

What does mental health mean to you?

For me, mental health was never a point of conversation in my social group, or family. I thought the way I think, react and feel were all personal problems that no on else dealt with. I kept it a secret. It was until it started affecting an ex relationship that it became apparent my internal anxiety needed to be talked about.

During the time of internalizing my anxiety symptoms I turned to exercise as my main source of release…. I mean, it could have been a lot worse! But my mind being such a busy place movement always acted as an alleviation from the weight of my thoughts. Taking my self outside, even out of the city felt like a sense of serenity. More balance to the chaotic trail of thoughts I find myself following.

It was not until recent within the last couple years I found my passion for yoga. As time went on I intuitively started to notice it was a different kind of strength I began gaining. Not only connectively within my body, but my mind. It began to help with my anxiety. It felt like it became a place where I had control of, versus a mind that was ruling me. I finally began to yoke my thoughts through the dedication of my practice.

I learnt steps that made me step out of my head, such as breathing. This form of meditation is a key component to stepping back and listening. Your body is always telling you things, it is up to you to quiet down and listen.

Learning this I thought to myself, the only thing that makes sense is to pursue the study of what this yoga is. I now am forever a student to yoga, but a teacher to anyone who is ready to listen. The mental clarity and space yoga brought to my issues helped me immensely.

Mental health is something we all have control on, we just need to listen and discover what it is we need to do to help ourselves. It is the way we were born through our genes, but ultimately we are the master of our OWN minds. 

Find your strength, and take control <3



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