Why Outdoors?

Why the Outdoors?

There’s a reason why getting outdoors and connecting with nature makes us feel so good… 

Mental Health Benefits

  • Nature promotes relaxation [1]
  • Heightens sense of connection & spirituality [2]
  • So many feel good hormones [3]
  • Builds confidence & self-awareness [4]
  • The ways in which we explore the outdoors challenge us to get active. Getting active = dopamine, dopamine = stress release [5]

Physical Health Benefits

  • The ways in which we choose to explore the outdoors often challenge our strength and cardiovascular fitness. (Hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc.)
  • Fresh air & oxygen helps stabilize blood pressure, heart rate and immunity. [6]
  • Getting outside increases exposure and consumption of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only good for cognitive health & function…Vitamin D also fights disease and promotes weight loss! [7]

Taking Care of Nature

Although we are determined to motivate others to learn, grow and heal from nature, it is our job to also protect and take care of the environment.


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