Yoga & Meditation

So how does yoga & meditation fit into our passion for health and wellness found outdoors? Well, let us tell you. Don’t forget, humans are truly part of nature.  In order to find a deeper connection with nature, humans must build a stronger connection and understanding with their inner being and spirituality. Yoga & meditation is a perfect approach to find this connection and, in our opinion, the benefits and sense of connection is even stronger when the practice is taken outdoors. 


Let’s just say the more you practice and learn about yoga, the more you realize how much more there is to it besides a good stretch and loud breathing. In our opinion, that’s where the beauty lies. This 4 letter word has so much meaning, history and healing that you can find and connect to, where ever you are. 


The practice of meditation is not easy. Challenging your mind to turn off and to ignore any incoming thoughts, worries or plans is definitely easier said than done. Training your brain to do so, however, is so worth it: it will help you destress, gain more control of your emotions and, most importantly, increase self-awareness. 

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